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July 27th 1999

Music, Midi, Mp3 link's - Email me your fav. links to add here.!!

Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons: Great page, Lots of Midi files (Thanks Anton for the link)

Antons Rock -n- Roll Castle: Tons of music page links.(Thanks Anton for the link)

Antons Midi, wave, Mp3: Wow Lots of Midi, wav and some mp3 links here.(Thanks Anton for the link)

wav links: Tons of wav file links. (Thank you Orchid for the link)

Mit List of radio stations: Use this site to locate more than 4,000 radiostations around the U.S. and the World.

Shania: Hunny 99's Shania Twain Page.(Thank you BigSexy~4~Life for the link)

PLAYDUDE: MP3 Search Engine.(Thank you BigSexy~4~Life for the link) Oldies, Classic Rock, Country, Big Band, Top 40.(Thank you BigSexy~4~Life for the link)


Searching the International Lyrics Server: Cant find the song you looking for? check here...(Thank you BigSexy~4~Life for the link)

Metallica: The Official Metallica site.

The MIDI ZONE: Midi Archive, Midi Software ect.

Launch My Music: Album Reviews, New Releases, Upcoming Releases, Upcoming Concerts and more.

Music Boulevard: The World's #1 Online Music Store.

Rick Dees Online: Weekly Top 40.

Debs Home Page: More cool waves..

Sony Music: Music, New's, Contest's, Clip's Of The Day.

Spinner - Formerly the D.J.: Listen to over 100 Channels of Music for free.

Jim's MIDI Links: Wow what a large selection of Midi Files, very well done.

The MIDIWEB: Midi files. Now this site must be illeagal. Ton's of Popular Mp3 Song's For FREE.

The Wanderer: The First Oldies Site on the Net"Great Page".

Win Amp: Click here to get your free Winamp. You will love it.

ShoutCast: Using Winamp you can listen to Music or in my case Bill Cosby Stand up moments. Or you can also broadcast on your own. Listen to live music."I really like this site"

MP3: MP3 MTV HIT'S (Thank's for the link-Josef Netanel Waysman- from Israel).

Any Swing Goes: Your Source For Swing Music. New's and Culture. Listen to live radio and your choice of music.(cd jukebox) requires real player.

Coast 107.3 FM: "LIVE" Classic Hits of the 70's. "Real player Requried"

MTV: MTV Online.

MP3.COM:The MP3 Resource on the Net.

Mike Petersons Midi's: A Large selection from Rock to Pop.

Petes Shania Fan Club Page: Nice Page he is always updateing it with lots of info. "Great job Pete"

Ticket Master: Buy Ticket's, Merchandise, Find out what event's will be in your home town.

Mike Strickland: See if he is Playing near your home town.


Music, Midi, Mp3 Link's

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