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July 27th 1999

Web Building Help & Tip Link's - Do you know of any others that should be listed? Email me and tell me what you would like listed.!!

2 Cool Animations: Another great site for animated gifs for your webpage.

Animation Online: Make some Awsome Banners here.{FREE}

Animation Library: Featuring over 3500 free animations.!: The Award Winning FREE Web Clip Art Site for Webmasters & Web Site Designers! Optimizing Animated GIFs for your Website.

Free Access to the Net: Freei.Net is leading the way in making your monthly Internet access fee a thing of the past. We're giving you 100% FREE Internet & Email services!

GIF WORKS: It's an online GIF image editor. This unique tool is completely on-line - - nothing to download or install. Better yet, it's ABSOLUTELY FREE !!

2 Cool Animations: Another great site for animated gifs for your webpage.

2001 tips and tricks: I use this one from time to time.

Net Mechanic: Tune up your Whole Web Site for FREE!.

RGB Color Chart: Need the right color for your web page? here is a color chart to help you out.

Smart Script: Here is a good program to help you add java to your web page.

Debs Home Page: More cool waves..

The Graphics Ring: Over 650 sites for all of your Graphic needs.

John's Background's: This guy has some really nice background's for your desktop or webpage.

3D Webscapes: Great looking background's in 3D.

Html Jalfrezi: Here is all the html help you will ever need.

A-1 Icon Archive: Another Must for Web building.

Gif Pile: 2,500 FREE graphic links.

Icon Paradise: Another Great site.

Laura's Large Selection of MIDI files: This is a great site for MIDI files for your WEB PAGE

Bryan Livingston's Online Graphics Generator.: Awesome online Logo and Buttons maker.

Gif Cruncher.: Make your website load faster. crunch those gif's.

Themes 'n Schemes.: Home of the highest quality themes on the Internet.

The World AT Our Fingers: Really nice site "Home Page help,Music,Camera sites ect.


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