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Surname Origin List: Most searches begin with a name, but where does the name begin?

The World Factbook: Country Listings, Reference Map's, Note's and Definitions.

One Look Dictionaries: 2106990 words in 452 dictionaries indexed here.

City Map's: Need a map? here is a good place to start.

World Federation Of Great Towers: From the Empire State Building to the Eiffel Tower. Stats,Pictures ect.

Kelly Blue Book: Get your Blue Book Value on your new or used car.

THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL: If you like the Discovery channel you'l love this site.

Ingelsp: Surname Database, Genealogy Links (Thank you Lester for the link)

The U.S. Mint: Cool Site, I spent a while here.

How stuff works: Ever wonder?

The Better Business Bureau : Helping Consumers and Businesses to Maintain an Ethical Marketplace.

Social Security Online: The Official Web Site of the Social Security Administration.

Legal dot Net: A comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for legal professionals, support services, students and consumers.

Biorhythmm Page: The Biorhythm is the life rhythm of each of us.(Thank you Saundra R. for the link)

American Sign Language: Cool Learn how to sign.(Thank you Saundra R. for the link)

PSOR: Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR) Inquiry . (Thank you Rob Pelfery for the link)

Highway Loss Data Institute: The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) is a nonprofit, public service organization that gathers, processes, and publishes data on the ways in which insurance losses vary among different kinds of vehicles

The Salvation Army: Services, Disaster Relief, Historical Figures, National Publications.

Home School Daily: This project is an example of how we can use the power of the internet to network home schoolers and long distance learning.

Library of Congress: This Website is a treasure trove for researchers.

Pet Talk: Have a question about your pet? this is the place to find the answer.

Michigan DNR: Michigan Department of Natural Resources.(Thank you Robert Pelfery for the link)

Foil The Criminals: McGruff's childrens web page, the anticrime dog.

Gardening info:It's that time of the year.

APB Online: More New's. Have you gotten your garden in yet?"Thanks Spike for the link"

hud: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

cpsc: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

safewater: Environmental Protection Agency Safe Drinking Water Hotline. Not for sure or just wana learn?? This is the site for you.

Vital Records Information: This page contains information about where to obtain vital records (such as birth, death & marriage certificates and divorce decrees) from each state,

Maps On Us: Navigation Made Simple All Across the United States .

The Old Farmers Almanac: It loses no charm on the Web.